Weekday and all weekend access to events being offered at The Port. Yes, sometimes The Port will be closed for private events, however, when and where possible, The Port will be a place where the community can come to let loose, dance a little, listen to great music, watch great performances, eat incredible food, be provided with a vast array of beverage offerings (where understanding that the way in which people celebrate has changed and is no longer only focused with having too many drinks in the evening).

The Port Event Space has partnered with local artists, creatives and makers to host educational, informative and fun workshops for all ages and abilities. Our knowledgeable instructors were chosen for their skill, experience and enthusiasm for their personal craft. We will also have special interest series and guest speakers eager to inform and make us think a little bigger.


Guiding Principles for LEARNing at The Port

  • Lifelong learning improves wellbeing and is good for keeping your brain in good order.
  • Different points of view and active listening enable us to support and respect diversity.
  • Learning in a group setting increases social connections and interpersonal skills.
  • Teaching and learning empower us to use our voice and breeds success.
  • Learning is a necessary component of a well-lived life.

Learn at The Port. Better. Together.


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